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Chaos - Calm

“Maybe I’ve always been more comfortable in chaos” -Unknown

Given the current state of events globally, I probably have half of you already shaking your heads in disbelief over that. But really, I have always been more comfortable in chaos. The chaos varies, it can come in forms of work, personal, physical, financial and apparently in the form of a global pandemic… who knew. Right now, comfortable in chaos is working well for me. A week before WWS cancelled I accepted a job with Student Impact as the Community Development Manager. Don’t even bother inquiring what that “should” look like, because at this point everything has changed, check back in 6 months.

Prior to COVID-19 life, I was realizing how my “comfortable in chaos” mindset was hindering the good times. My childhood adequately prepared me to be ready for the chaos. I found pride in myself by weathering the storm, and feeling like I came out on top. But that storm doesn’t last forever. God promises this in Psalm 107:29 “He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed”. Living in the permanent mindset of chaos leads to a lack of trust in God. The good times are just “too good to be true”. Have you ever caught yourself saying that? I lived in that headspace for years. It’s dangerous because if your world isn’t swarming with chaos, self-sabotage kicks in.

As we (hopefully) near the end of this extremely chaotic season, and go back to whatever normal is- I encourage everyone to analyze how they handled this chaos. Did you settle in and start to accept this as normal? Did you feel like you were on top of the world, conquering anything that came your way? Or what about losing your sense of worth because you’re no longer wearing your taxi hat for the kids, rushing between meetings, date nights, school events or whatever else we fill our schedules with to be busy. How can we go forward and trust that God is in control of this situation… because He promises to still the storm to a whisper and hush the waves.

Live in this chaos now because we have no other option.

Then join me in accepting and appreciating the calm.

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