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I have been volunteering at Student Impact for the past year or so and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Student Impact is a safe place for kids to go meet new friends, enjoy being themselves and be in a judge free zone. That is one of my favorite things about volunteering here, being able to see the kids who come here grow and feel safe and loved. Student Impact has taught me how to love others and has helped me grow my faith in Christ. Student Impact has changed my life and so many others’ lives in so many amazing ways. It is truly a blessing to have such an amazing organization for our community!


Audrey Newlin, Former Intern

Student Impact is a safe place for kids to go meet new people and grow their faith in Christ. Kids feel welcomed and can be themselves without feeling judged. There are always tons of games and activities to get involved in, and fresh food to eat. The kids are surrounded by loving staff and student leaders who are always there to listen and help with anything they need. Student impact allows kids to have fun with their friends, but also feel free to discuss the words of Christ.

Mac Whitesell, Freshman, WHS

I went to Student Impact from intermediate school throughout high school. It played an enormous part in nourishing my faith in Christ. A big part of this is because the lessons that are taught grow with the students as they get older. Student Impact also provides a loving community and a safe environment to have fun! The staff deeply cares about each student that walks through the door, and they have often taken the time to mentor students such as myself. 


Tolu Odimayomi, Former Student

Student impact is a safe environment for kids in 5th-12th grade to hang out and learn about the words of Christ. There is always fresh food for kids to eat and tons of games for them to play. There are leaders in grades 5th-12th grade that get to experience what it is like to help others. Student impact is a great opportunity to meet new people and just have fun!

Sade Hodson, Former Student

I can not say enough positive things about Student Impact! The amount that this group can get done in a short time is remarkable. Danyele is the epitome of a servant leader, and the heart of each and every person involved is truly focused on improving the lives of students and their families in our area. My child is a part of Student Impact, and JUST like the name says, she has been forever impacted by their kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, wisdom and connection. They feed people's minds, bodies and spirits- all three. This organization is one in a million.

Jennifer Cavalcanti, Westfield, IN

Westfield is beyond blessed to have an organization who champions our youth the way Student Impact does. My son LOVES hanging out with his buddies, playing games, and walking away with an uplifting message every Wednesday after school at the Intermediate School. In a day and age where it's more important than ever to have positive role models in my children's lives, I'm so grateful for Student Impact's influence and for their servants' hearts. 


Courtney Boren Nichols, Westfield, IN

“Student Impact is not only impacting the lives of students but the lives of an entire community. By providing after school activities, rec leagues, food, games, mentors, and so much more things are changing. They are helping to bring the community feeling back to Westfield.”


Josh Reidy, Westfield, IN

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