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It’s not always easy to find where you belong, and I think we can all attest to that.

People can be cruel, life can be unfair, and there isn’t always a blinking arrow pointing in the direction of where we should be going. Sometimes it even feels like we are walking around with closed eyes, just hoping to make it to the other side of the room safely.

Although this is all true, we cannot forget about the good. The people who are kind, the times when life is overwhelmingly good to us, and the moments when you know you are exactly where you need to be. There is no explaining it; your soul just knows it is right where it belongs.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a step-by-step guide on how to find your way to where you belong. Many times it takes trial and error, experiences, and a lot of guidance from people that have already been down the road you’re walking on to get you down the straight and narrow.

As adults, we naturally want to protect our kids from the mistakes that we had to learn from. That is why, here at Student Impact, we want to give students their own set of tools to help them find their direction. We have been doing this through small group discussions and daily devotions focusing on communities and friendship.

Communities and friendships are the basis of where we find our sense of belonging. As humans we desire to be accepted and loved, and that’s why it is crucial for us to empower children with the confidence of knowing what a good community or friend looks like.

Not every community or friend is meant for us, but as we know, we don’t always recognize when one isn’t. Which is why having friends and family within our community that hold us up to a higher standard is where we start to begin to fill our tool box.

As an organization, that is Student Impact’s hope. We hope that God will use our words and actions to positively influence each other in ways that will lead us closer to Him, but also lead us closer to the communities and friends that will serve us best.

Student Impact kids hanging out and building relationships at the Homecoming Parade

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