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Danyele Easterhaus

Executive Director

Danyele Easterhaus is the Executive Director of Student Impact of Westfield, where she has been involved since 2005, first as a mentor and volunteer, and later on the Board of Directors, before becoming Executive Director in 2011. 


Hanging out with kids and being a mentor and friend has been a constant part of her life. Knowing and understanding the need for students to have a consistent and real relationship with an adult that will be honest and loving has driven Danyele into many serving opportunities throughout the last 25 years. Mrs. Easterhaus is also currently active in her community with Westfield Police Citizens Police Academy, HCLA Class of 2014, Downtown Westfield Neighborhood Association, Westfield Wellbeing Coalition, The Westfield Chamber of Commerce, Westfield Kiwanis Club, and volunteering with Westfield Welcome, as well as in her home church, North Circle Church.


Danyele and her husband Ryan of 22 years live in Westfield, along with their 4 girls; Paige (27), Brooke (19), Jada (17), and Sofia (14). Ryan and Danyele have foster parented many children throughout the years, as well as adopted two of their own girls, one through Private Adoption and one through Foster Care adoption.


In her free time, Danyele enjoys down-time by being on a beach with her family, replacing the sound of teenagers with the sound of crashing waves for a few days.


Brittany Delph

Executive Program Director

Brittany Delph is the Community Development & Executive Program Director at Student Impact of Westfield. First serving as a community outreach volunteer through her home church, Brittany worked to bring local partners and resources to Student Impact. 


Linking her passion for mentorship, logistics and entrepreneurship, Brittany works to develop and foster relationships in the community that support the mission of Student Impact. Her primary focus is to bring in resources that benefit today’s youth, and connect resources within the community. Applying her skills of event planning and resource management, Brittany plays a vital role in directing programs and experiences within Student Impact. As a wife and mother, she has a deep passion for creating spaces and opportunities that deeply impact the lives of children and foster growth and happiness.


Brittany and her family moved to Westfield in 2018 after her husband Logan, separated from the military. As a family they enjoy camping, hiking and taking advantage of the beautiful trails that Westfield has to offer. An avid lover of all things outdoors, Brittany finds peace in nature, seeking adventure and finding joy anywhere she goes.


Emily Horkay

Student Life Manager

Emily Horkay is the Student Life Manager at Student Impact of Westfield. Emily grew up in Westfield and after graduating from high school decided to pursue a career by working with children through education and ministry.


Giving back to her community and fostering genuine, positive relationships with children has always been an important passion of Emily's. She plans to use her background in Elementary Education, her organization skills, and her love for planning to create interactive and fun opportunities for students that fosters learning, builds relationships, and engages students' interests. Emily understands the importance of mentorship and the need for students to have loving, trustworthy adult relationships and will make this a huge priority in her roll at Student Impact.


Emily and her husband, Adam, moved back to their hometown of Westfield in 2020 after having their daughter earlier that year. Emily and her family enjoy watching sporting events, spending time with family and friends, serving at their church, and going for walks with their mini-goldendoodle. In her free time, Emily enjoys relaxing outside, reading books, listening to music, and soaking up the sun.



Student Life Assistant

Mac Whitesell is the Student Life Assistant at student impact. She is a Sophomore at Westfield High School, and has been involved with Student Impact since she was in the fifth grade. 


Leadership and volunteering has always been a huge part of Macs life, so being a part of the Student Leadership Program was something she was super passionate about. She enjoys being a role model to younger kids and getting to know each and every one of them for who they are. She also loves helping other students become amazing student leaders, and enjoys guiding them to be the best they can be. Macs goal is to help make Student Impact a welcoming place for any kid to go to, and to be a role model/friend to all of them. 


In her free time, Mac enjoys working at her family’s restaurant, baking cakes and cookies, and going to the beach with her friends and family. 

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