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How your donations make an impact

At Student Impact, we are laser focused on building relationships in a safe and consistent environment that bring hope and healing to students right where they are, and we are committed to loving, accepting, and supporting every student we interact with so that they may become who and what they were meant to be. 


Recurring Monthly Donations
& One Time Donations

Reccurring or one time donations are critical to the mission of Student Impact. Using our secure donor management site, Network For Good, these types of donations allow us to create opportunities and events for students. As a 501c3, we utilize our tax exemption as often as possible, making every dollar go the extra mile. Programs like The Union, Rock Solid, holiday parties and other special events depend on these donations.

Camp Ethos & Basketball Sponsorship 

Student Impact is committed to saying "yes" to every student that is interested in our programs, no family is turned away due to financial obligations. Camp Ethos & our Basketball league operate with individual and corporate sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please email

We are currently sourcing Corporate Basketball Sponsors, for more information follow the link below! 


In Kind Donations

Did you know nothing makes a teenager more hungry than a long day of school? We know this to be true, each day many students walk through our doors and they are greeted with a smile, snacks and a hot meal. This provides an awesome opportunity for our community to help! Fresh fruit & vegetables, casserole meals or snack options - we use them everyday!

Below is a link to the current Fruit & Vegetables Sign-Up.

If you'd like more information on donating in this manner, please email

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