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community collaboration

It really takes a village to keep kids safe and provide them with consistent ways in which to learn and thrive.  Student Impact works with Westfield Washington Schools, The Westfield Police Department, Washington Township Trustee, The City of Westfield, Youth Assistance and much more to ensure our kids have the best chance of success.

kids and families
kids to each other

We all need relationship.  In times of uncertainty, we all need real connection with people, and the knowledge and safety of knowing someone has your back.  

Student Impact provides real life ways to build family relationships with our our famous "SI kits".  Each kit serves a distinct something together, reunite with the students from Student Impact, and play a few games and be assured that everything will be okay.

fill the need:
no matter what

Student Impact has served the community and students of Westfield for over 20 years.  One of the best ways Student Impact serves is by identifying and recognizing a need and then move into action to fulfill the need.

The best description is during times of need, where Student Impact jumps in and can immediately mediate in hard circumstances:

COVID-19 Food Programs

Death of a family member

Suicide of a student

Weekend Back Sac Program

Community Collaboration

homecoming parade 2019.jpg

Student Impact Float in the Westfield High School Homecoming Parade.

Mayor Cook and the Middle School students at The Rock.


Officer Gebhart and Lieutenant Adams spending the afternoon with students. 

student leaders.jpg

Student Impact Student Leaders....they serve in the Westfield community in many ways.


Wednesday Pancake brings in a new community member to be the FAMOUS FLIPPER.

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