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Afterschool Registration

Whether your student is an athlete, artist, musician, reader, or just a lover of good company, we can promise they will find something they love at The Rock!

To attend, fill out the yearly registration form by clicking the link below!


Connecting our community by bringing together the voices that call Westfield home. Focusing on the hearts and minds of students and the current events that are affecting their lives.

Sip will be released in Spring - Summer 2023! Help us finish our fundraising by donating below. 

WIS Weekly Sign-Up

Each week a sign up gets updated for intermediate school students to attend Student Impact after school on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. Click the link below to sign your student up weekly. 

WIS Rock Solid

A Tuesday evening youth group for 5th - 6th Grade Students. Come alongside your friends and gain a deeper understanding of who God is and who you are! 

The Union 

The Union Spring Dance is coming up! The last Union event before the end of the school year! 


Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program is designed to create a space where students naturally explore their leadership qualities in real world opportunities. This program focuses on leadership skill building, real life knowledge, volunteering, social group activities, cross-cultural experiences & more!

Interested in knowing more, send us an email!

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